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about us

Our history

For almost a century, since 1926, C & A Seneca Construction has been setting an industry standard of building excellence. C & A Seneca Construction has established a foundation of excellence based on more than just words, but a company grounded in steadfast dedication to constructing lasting structures and enduring relationships based on a strongly held belief that today’s work is tomorrow’s legacy.

C & A Seneca Construction has been a family owned and operated business that is fourth generation to run the company. Mr. Anthony Seneca has been in the business for over 45 years and his son Mr. Carlo A. Seneca, who graduated from Manhattan College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering, is currently pursuing a P.E license.

anthony seneca

1st Generation

Anthony Seneca came over from Italy and became the 1st generation American of C & A SENECA CONSTRUCTION.

He started the business by opening a kitchen cabinets made to order company along with carpentry as you can see his truck and his Grandson, the third generation Anthony Seneca looking out the window.

carlo seneca

2nd generation

Carlo Seneca started the C & A Seneca Construction name standing for Carlo and Anthony Seneca and became the most prominent custom home builder on Staten Island.

His clients made up a 4 year waiting list as they wanted there house to have the prestige of his name attached to thier home and actually made the value of their house greater. He went on to  train and teach his Son and Grandson the business with the old school mentality of work ethic and craftsmanship from the great artisans of Italy.

Anthony seneca

3rd generation

Anthony Seneca the third generation brought the company to a whole new level of commercial build-outs and real estate development. He build many prominent office buildings, strip malls and started and amazing relationship with the City Agency for Child services and built a huge number of day care centers for them.

With his hands on knowledge and super strong work and no play mentality he taught his son the fourth generation a trade that many of that generation was had forgotten  which allowed his Son to get a Civil Engineering degree with all the hands on experience that put him a step ahead of all the other engineering students.

carlo seneca

4th genration

Carlo Seneca after getting his degree in Civil Engineering went on to pass the first Part of PE exam and gained his experience in the field to prepare the second part. Carlo’s love for nightclubs and Hospitality made him open a Nightclub in the heart of NYC called Quo Nightclub where he built in record and quality.

From there was the start almost 20 years ago where Carlo has never looked back and is building the hottest Hotels and Hospitality projects for biggest operators, developers, designers in the world. Carlo and his wife have created the best creation in his kids who are the fifth generation and actually will be the first generation to have Both a Carlo and Anthony making up the C & A in the same generation.  

about c&a seneca

C & A Seneca Construction works with world renowned architects, designers and engineers in New York City. We will provide you with the most suitable candidate to most meet your needs, thus providing you with a full turn key project.